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What is Melphalan?

Melphalan is a chemotherapy medication that is sold and marketed under the brand name Alphalan. Melphalan is used for the treatment of various cancers. People suffering from Breast cancer, Neuroblastoma, Multiple myeloma, or Rhabdomyosarcoma can order Alphalan online or buy melphalan cash on delivery. Melphalan is also used before a bone marrow transplant in some conditioning regimens. Melphalan for multiple myeloma can also be used to treat ovarian cancer, AL amyloidosis, and melanoma.

Melphalan belongs to the class of drugs known as alkylating agents; it can be used orally or can be directly injected into the veins. It works directly by targeting guanine bases that are present in the DNA strand that prevents the strand to uncoil and separate, thus stopping tumor growth. Cancer is a condition that is marked by the abnormal growth of the cell which is caused due to changes that happen in the DNA. Replication of the DNA is required for cell growth and Melphalan for multiple myeloma prevents replication thus preventing abnormal growth of the cells.


Effects of Melphalan dose in Multiple Myeloma Treatment

The average recommended Melphalan dose for treating multiple myeloma is 6mg/day. The entire dose can be taken 3 times or can be taken in a complete go. The important factor in deciding the correct Melphalan dose is entirely based on the blood counts which are done in weekly intervals. The doctor then decides and adjusts the dose based on the requirement for 2-3 weeks and then the drug is discontinued for about 4 weeks. During the drug discontinuation period, blood count should be done, checked, and followed carefully, and once the report shows an increase in the platelets and WBCs count, a maintained dose of 2mg is prescribed.

During Melphalan for multiple myeloma treatment, a careful administration of doctor should be done as the Melphalan dose varies from patient to patient. The dose should also be carefully escalated along with several checks until some myelosuppression is observed to ensure that the drug has reached its potentially therapeutic levels. Make sure to consult a qualified physician who has a wide experience in using cancer chemotherapeutic agents before placing your Order for Melphalan cod online or Melphalan 5 mg online. A wrong dose can result in infection, bleeding, or bone marrow suppression. In humans, Alphalan uses can even promote leukemia as it is leukemogenic.

Uses of Melphalan

Melphalan uses include treatment of certain types of cancers. Melphalan works by either stopping or slowing the growth of the cancer cells. The drug is taken orally or injected into veins as directed by the doctor. Plenty of water should be taken to prevent any sort of Melphalan side effects.

The Melphalan dose is decided by your doctor depending on the response to treatment, blood count, and any other medical condition. Do not self-medicate or increase your Melphalan dose on your own as it will not improve the condition but will increase the risk of serious Effects of Melphalan.

Melphalan use will take time and show its effects in months, so it is wise to have patience and follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. Women seeking to conceive, breastfeeding, or are pregnant should not use this medication as it can be absorbed in the liver and skin and cause harm to the developing baby.  

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Melphalan Drug interaction

Due to several changes in Melphalan dose along with continuous monitoring of blood count test, Melphalan administration process enlightened possible complications associated with Melphalan use. Only an experienced physician can carefully adjust Melphalan dose after calculating all the drug's actions and interactions.

Melphalan excessive dose causes marked bone marrow suppression, a most significant toxicity condition that is associated with excessive Melphalan use in most patients. Following tests should be conducted before performing therapy and starting of the drug course.

  • Hemoglobin test
  • Platelet count
  • White blood cell count
  • Differential test

To avoid toxicity level and to determine the optimal dose it is important to conduct a regular blood count test. Indication of Thrombocytopenia or/and leukopenia will keep the therapy on standby until the reports indicate sufficient recovery of the blood counts. 

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Melphalan Dose

Here we have presented the best possible Melphalan forms in their available strengths. The information presented may vary from individual to individual. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before buying Melphalan Online or ordering Melphalan cod online. The doctor’s recommendation is mandatory as we have already discussed the complication, interaction, and risk associated with Melphalan Dose and Melphalan Use. Deliver the complete information concerning your medical history, clinical reports, on-going medication, health condition, allergies, or any relevant information to your medical supervisor to let him/her decide the optimal Melphalan Dose for you.  

Route Form Strength
Oral Tablet 2 mg
Oral Tablet 2 mg/1
Oral Tablet 5 mg
Oral Tablet, coated 2 mg
Oral Tablet, film coated 2 mg
Oral Tablet, film coated 2 mg/1
Parenteral Injection, powder, for solution 50 mg/10ml
Parenteral Injection, powder, lyophilized, for solution 50 mg
Intravenous Injection, powder, lyophilized, for solution 50 mg
Intra-arterial; Intravenous Kit; powder, for solution; solution  

Side effects of Melphalan

Here is the list of Melphalan side-effects that can be experienced by the people that are on Melphalan dose.

Some of the common side effects include lip/mouth sores, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and Nausea. In certain cases vomiting can be severe; to avoid its occurrence your doctor will direct you to limit your eating activity or restrict you’re eating which will result in a reduction of the severity of these Melphalan side-effects. In case of severe issues consult your doctor immediately. You might experience temporary hair loss in case of Melphalan use which is normal and hair can be re-grown once the course of treatment gets completed.  

The doctor carefully examines your medical condition and then prescribes the medicine because he/she believes that the medicines have many benefits rather than serious effects. A carefully monitored under a doctor's administration will reduce the risk and in case of any serious side-effects, you can rush immediately to your doctor.

A serious Melphalan side effect includes stopped menstrual periods in women, liver issues, breathing problems, dark urine, abdominal pain, or any allergic reaction like rash, swelling in the ENT region, and dizziness. A serious allergic reaction is rare.

How to Purchase Melphalan Online

Melphalan can be purchased online through a various reputed online store that has authorized permission from the government agencies for its sale. There are two methods to buy Melphalan Online. Firstly, you can opt for the advance online payment and order Melphalan 5mg online, with the approval of the payment the medicines will be delivered safely and timely. Secondly, you can opt for the Cash delivery mode in which you can Order Melphalan cod online or Buy Alphalan COD online and pay at the time of delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Melphalan is a chemotherapeutic drug that belongs to the alkylating agent class. Alkeran is the brand name for it. Melphalan has antineoplastic characteristics that suppress tumor formation.
When Reteplase is coupled with Melphalan, the risk or severity of bleeding can be enhanced. When Reviparin is taken with Melphalan, the risk or severity of bleeding can be enhanced. When Melphalan is taken with Rilonacept, the risk or severity of side effects can be enhanced.
When Mechlorethamine is taken with Melphalan, the chance or severity of undesirable effects can be enhanced. When Melphalan is taken with Mepolizumab, the risk or severity of side effects can be enhanced. When Melphalan is taken with Meprednisone, the risk or severity of undesirable effects can be enhanced.
Melphalan chemotherapy, according to studies, is well tolerated. A large dose of 200mg/m can be administered to the patient as a single agent. A dose of 180 mg is required for Myeloablation since patients will restore hematopoietic and gastrointestinal function after a month of being exposed to 140 mg without HPC rescue.


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